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Vanity Breast Enhancement

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A recent addition to the new crop of natural bust enlargers is Vanity Breast Enhancement pills, manufactured by a company called Selmedica, which puts out a number of different supplements to treat various health conditions.

Vanity pills consist of herbal extracts which have estrogenic properties, meaning they are purportedly able to stimulate the mammmary gland and produce new breast tissue growth, akin to a second puberty.

As a breast enlargement pill Vanity does fare well compared to some of the other herbal supplements we have researched, yet there are a few things about the product that we were not impressed with.

Although Vanity breast enlargement pills do contain powerful herbal extracts, the ingredients are listed as a 500mg herbal blend, so you can't be sure just how much of each herb is present in the formula. This is very important because some will have more significant effects on breast size than others, so the amount of each extract is very important.

We also noticed many outrageous claims such as "Vanity feeds the estrogen receptors in your breasts over 2300% more growth hormone than normal" and others without any real clinical studies cited to back up the claims. Also, a search for positive user testimonials came up empty...we could not find any significant results to support a recommendation for this product.

Vanity Breast Enlargement Review - Summary

As far as herbal breast pills are concerned, we believe there are better choices on the market. If you are looking for a breast enhancement pill Vanity might be effective, but judging from user testimonials and our own reviews, it might not yield the maximum results.

If you are interested in a high quality breast enhancement supplement that has met all of our strict criteria, take a look at Breast Actives, a natural enhancer that scored the highest ratings and appeared to have the highest percentage of satisfied customers.

We like the fact that the company is very forthcoming with information on the product and offers a 100% money back guarantee after six months in case you are not satisfied, as opposed to three with Vanity breast pills. Some other Breast Actives positives: All of the ingredients are clearly outlined, they adhere to strict manufacturing & quality guidelines, a phone number is available so you can actually speak to a person (you'd be surprised how many websites have no phone number!), there is a very comprehensive Q & A section on the site which answers any questions you may have about the product.

Our breast enhancement supplement study is ongoing, and we will report new information on Vanity breast enlargement pills and others as we proceed with our study. As such, if you do try Breast Actives, or any other natural bust supplements, please come back and let us know what your results were...we appreciate any and all feedback, negative or positive, on any products you may have tried.

Before you decide whether an herbal enhancer is right for you, please consult your physician. He or she will help you make an informed decision when it comes to increasing your breast size via surgery or natural means.

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