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p>There has been a surge in the popularity of natural breast enhancement pills in recent years, as more women are deciding against having risky surgical procedures. Because of the mounting evidence of health complications that can arise from ruptured implants, many people have sought out natural alternatives to increase their bust size.

There are a number of natural breast enlargement pills on the market today, and as with all supplements, some work and some do not. There are products on the market that claim to contain certain "breast-enhancing" extracts, when in fact there is not a trace of active ingredient to be found.

Fortunately, there are some natural breast enhancement pills that have been shown to be effective, and there is significant anecdotal evidence pointing to their efficacy. This is welcome news for those who don't wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Of the wide spectrum of available products, the herbal breast pills hold the most promise, as there is actual science behind them. The better ones contain an array of herbal extracts which contain compounds called phytoestrogens. These compounds have been shown to stimulate estrogen receptors in mammary tissue, promoting new growth.

High quality natural breast enlargement pills contain herbs such as dandelion root, watercress, fenugeek, fennel seed, kelp and dong quai, all of which contain high amounts of phytoestrogens as well as other beneficial nutrients.

In addition to their ability to enhance breast tissue growth, these herbal extracts can also relieve the symptoms of menopause and PMS, reduce water weight gain and promote general health. As such a natural breast enhancement pill can provide more benefits than just increasing bust size.

Before choosing a natural breast pill or supplement, be sure to consult with your physician to make sure it is right for you.

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