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Benefil Breast Cream

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As one of the more popular topical applications, Benefil Breast Cream promises to "increase firmness, perkiness, and plumpness" with the use of their product.

It is produced by a company called Zenmed, which produces a variety of products for acne, scars, eczema and other conditions.

**UPDATE** Zenmed no longer lists Benefil on their official site, and there is no mention of Zenmed on

We have thoroughly researched the natural enhancement market, and have discovered that the creams are just not as effective as supplements for two reasons. First, they rarely contain enough active ingredient to have any effect on breast size or firmness. Second, they do not contain the delivery system that would enable these ingredients to pass through the skin barrier even if they did.

Benefil breast cream is no exception. Although it does contain a wide variety of natural ingredients, there is no mention of just how much of these ingredients are present in the formula. So there's no way to ensure the effectiveness of this product.

The Zenmed Benefil website also shows no clinical data to support its claims of firming and plumping the breasts, rather it explains why skin collagen breaks down and mentions a few ingredients in the formula that may help to restore collagen production.

Benefil Breast Cream Review - Summary

As far as herbal breast enhancers are concerned, we believe you are probably better off with a supplement than a cream, for the simple fact that most creams cannot pass through the skin barrier...any effects you see will be temporary, and probably due to a reaction to the application.

Zenmed Benefil breast cream is no exception...there is no evidence that the product works at all, and most of the testimonials that we have come across have been negative. The amount of positive reviews are far outweighed by the negative, with most women experiencing no results at all with the Benefil product.

If you are interested in a high quality breast enhancement supplement that has met all of our strict criteria, take a look at Breast Gain Plus, a natural enhancer that scored the highest ratings and appeared to have the highest percentage of satisfied customers. We like the fact that the company is very forthcoming with info on the supplement and offers a 100% money back guarantee after six months in case you are not satisfied, as opposed to only two months with Benefil. Some other Breast Gain Plus positives: All of the ingredients are clearly outlined, there is a very comprehensive Q & A section on the site which answers any questions you may have about the product. Perhaps more important, there are a significant number of unbiased positive testimonials which can be found at a number of review sites across the internet.

Before you try Benefil cream or any other natural breast supplement, please speak with your physician first to find out if it is right for you.

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