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Most women considering breast surgery, whether it is enlargement or reconstruction, fail to fully understand the risks. Nor do they consider the many natural, non-surgical options open to them.

We are conditioned by our society to believe surgical procedures are reliable and effective, and natural options are ineffective and potentially dangerous. The medical profession spends a lot of money each year ensuring that we continue to hold this view. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Breast enlargement surgery is not a safer, more reliable option than the natural approach. In fact, the opposite is true; and most women simply aren't aware of this.

Although both breast enlargement surgery and breast reconstruction surgery are considered cosmetic procedures, they are neither minor, nor free from danger. First you are confronted with the common problems of going under a general anesthesia, such as the potential of heart attacks, brain damage, even death. And this includes all types of breast surgery. But enlargement and reconstruction are even more dangerous. Because the implants themselves can cause serious problems.

According to some studies as many as 80% of women who receive silicone implants via breast enlargement surgery will have breakage, ruptures or leakage within the first five to ten years. This will cause the silicone material to migrate throughout the body. This migration has been connected to health problems such as fibromyalgia, auto-immune dysfunctions and thyroid disease. That's an eight-in-ten chance that you can be exposed to the precursors for life debilitating diseases. Doesn't sound so safe and reliable anymore, does it?

Saline implants, considered the "safer option" by many choosing breast reconstruction surgery, come with their own risks -- such as bacterial infections. Furthermore, studies have found that breast implants may hinder the early detection of breast cancer. So even the so-called "safe" approach comes with problems. Getting worried yet? Are you reconsidering your choice to go under the knife for breast surgery? It's probably a good idea.

However, natural options have none of these risks. Utilizing herbs and natural compounds, breast firming and toning supplements can produce results which many women find satisfying and impressive. These natural preparations take advantage of centuries of human use, and therefore are completely safe, without the side effects of breast enlargement surgery. They include such natural extracts as Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto, and Fennel Seed.

Every woman has to make these choices for herself. But we feel the safety, proven results and relatively low cost of the natural option make it the wiser first step for women considering breast surgery. And for most women that's the only step they'll need to take.

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