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Breast Implants Gone Bad

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We've all heard countless stories of breast implants gone bad, on television news programs, in newspapers and magazines, and from friends and family. In fact, bad breast implants are so commonplace that we're amazed when we hear about a successful surgery.

One of the main problems these days is the fact that all new augmentation surgeries are done with saline implants due to health concerns with the silicone variety. Saline implants do not mimic the look and feel of breast tissue like silicone ones do. As such, most new surgeries yield unnatural results.

Success also depends on the amount of breast tissue you currently have, as well as the shape and contour. In many cases women find that their bodies do not take well to the implants, and even with a successful surgery they don't look quite right.

If you've seen pictures of breast implants gone bad, you can see just how awful the results can be. This is often the result of a botched procedure performed by an unskilled or inexperienced plastic surgeon. Many women looking to save money go with a surgeon who may not be qualified, and end up with bad breast implants as a result. Even the top surgeons mess up from time to time, as evidenced by pictures of breast implants gone bad depicting celebrities who use the best plastic surgeons money can buy.

Even if you go with the best, most experienced surgeon in the country, you choose the ideal implant and you are the prime candidate for augmentation, you can still suffer complications such as leaking and rupturing that can wreak havoc on your body. It's also important to note that no implants are permanent, and you will have to have additional surgeries throughout your life.

With all of the horror stories we hear about breast implants gone bad, it's amazing that hundreds of thousands of women have enhancement surgery each year, with the numbers steadily growing. It says a lot about society that women prioritize their looks over their health. The irony here is that most women look worse with breast implants, as they rarely resemble the real thing.

If after viewing pictures of breast implants gone bad you still want to have augmentation surgery, make sure you are aware of the health risks involved, as well as the costs and other pertinent information. There are other options that you might want to explore, including natural enhancement, which can be much safer than implant surgery.

Regardless of what you choose, speak with your doctor first before making any decisions. Try to avoid bad breast implants by choosing a highly-skilled, experienced plastic surgeon and make sure you are in fact a prime candidate for surgery. Also, find out if an alternative to an enlargement surgical procedure might be right for you.

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