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The breast lift is one of the most popular forms of bust enhancement. Every woman as she ages experiences the effects of gravity and time and many consider doing something about it. They glance at breast lift photos in newspapers, magazines and on billboards and want the results they see.

The medical term for the natural sagging of the breast is "ptosis," and it's caused by aging, pregnancy, breast feeding and gravity. But something can be done to limit the effects of ptosis. Most women who have seriously considered a breast lift only consider the surgical option. They look at the pre-op and post-op breast lift photos, and believe this is only choice available to them.

Breast lift surgery (known as mastopexy) is a procedure whereby tissue is removed and the breast re-sutured, lifting the breast and giving it a more youthful appearance. This procedure, however, can be dangerous, costly, and may not produce the results you want. Remember, those breast lift photos you see represent the best results only. Furthermore, all surgical procedures will result in scarring. Better surgeons may be able to minimize it, but it cannot be eliminated altogether.

In addition, even the best breast lift surgeon cannot promise permanent results. The bust will again begin to sag - but often in a less attractive manner than results from ptosis - creating misshapen or asymmetrical breasts. So what have we got? A potentially dangerous procedure, which leaves scars, and will not stand the test of time. Breast lift surgery does not sound so attractive now, does it?

Fortunately, there is another option that can be safer and oftentimes more effective that surgery. Herbal remedies in the form of supplements have shown marked results in firming and lifting breast tissue. They consist of natural herbal extracts and compounds that people have been using for centuries, including Fennel Seed, Wild Yam, and Saw Palmetto. These agents have show marked ability to tighten breast tissue, making them look younger and firmer.

These herbal remedies have also been shown to have many other beneficial health effects, such as treating PMS, menopause, and diabetes. Some studies even suggest these herbs may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

We too were skeptical about these claims. We looked at the breast lift photos from these natural products and believed they couldn't be real. But many clinical studies seem to back them up, not to mention the anecdotal evidence provided by scores of happy women. Suddenly we began to have a change of heart. Maybe the natural approach was a real option.

So why choose the dangers, discomfort, uneven results and scarring of breast lift surgery when you can select the natural approach? The answer seems obvious. The natural approach appears to be a better option. It's safe, effective and utilizes the body's own ability to repair itself.

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