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What Are Breast Augmentation Prices?

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Breast augmentation cost varies from doctor to doctor and is dependent on a number of different factors. The average price of a breast augmentation procedure is $3112, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, but the costs of anesthesia and operating facility fees are not included in this figure. With everything factored in, it could end up costing $8,000-$9,000.

If you are considering implant surgery it is important to realize that opting for the lowest price is probably not the best idea. Breast augmentation costs that seem too low in comparison to others probably are just that; too low to be any good.

Sometimes these discount breast augmentation prices result in later financial or medical problems, with hidden extra charges or botched surgeries. The cost will go up if you need specific medical after-care or if your implant starts to leak after your procedure. This type of situation often results in the need for additional surgeries, which is not included in the original price of breast augmentation.

On the opposite end, a higher breast augmentation price does not guarantee great results. Speak to as many different surgeons as possible, and consider the surgeon's reputation as well. If you can, speak to previous patients and see if they are happy with the results.

Breast augmentation cost can be quite high, but many women have found that it is relatively easy to get financing. Sometimes doctors offer a way to finance the procedure or they use an outside financing program. Please note that insurance will not cover the procedure, except in cases of reconstruction.

As with any type of surgery there is always a risk, and complications will almost always result in an even higher price of breast augmentation, as additional fees will often add up to a few thousand dollars. The main risks are swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, scarring and numbness, as well as tearing and leakage. Often the results are disappointing and the entire procedure might not be worth the breast augmentation cost.

The price of breast augmentation continues to increase each year as does the number of women who are unsatisfied with their breast size. Until recently the only option was to undergo a surgical procedure, but now you can also choose to enhance your breasts the natural way.

To avoid the high cost of breast augmentation, and to minimize the risk of medical complications afterwards, many women are now choosing natural breast enhancing supplements to increase bust size. Results will vary from woman to woman, but many have reported excellent results. It certainly beats the breast augmentation price, not to mention offering a safer alternative for women.

Talk to your doctor to decide if the high cost of breast augmentation is right for you, or if he or she recommends a natural alternative instead.

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